The Department of Defense (DoD) Northeast Regional Council (NERC) for Small Business Education and Advocacy welcomes you and invites you to use the resources on our website.

Our Council is one of seven Regional Councils established for the purpose of promoting Federal Small Business Programs. The NERC  represents all of New England as well as New York State.

For Small Businesses, NERC can help you find Government Prime Contracting and Subcontracting opportunities through Matchmakers, other events and by putting you in touch with your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) and other on-line sources.

For Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLOs), NERC can provide training, alert you to upcoming matchmaker and other events and provide networking opportunities to help you build and improve your Small Business Program.

For Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs), NERC can advocate your mission by providing guidance and assistance with promoting Matchmakers and other events and by providing a platform for networking with SBLOs and Federal agencies.

For Federal Agencies, NERC provides up-to-date information on Matchmakers, training and other events to further small business programs throughout the New England and New York State region.


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New England                 

New York


 New York (Cattaraugus County Area)


 New York (LaGuardia Community College)


 New York (North Country Area)

New Hampshire

 New York (NYC Area)

Rhode Island

 New York (Rochester Area/Monroe County Finger Lakes)


 New York (Troy Area)


 New York (South Bronx)


Visit the DoD Office of Small Business Programs website to learn more about the seven regional councils.